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Ethics Statement

In life there is only one thing you really own, your reputation.....

If I review a product its my honest opinion.
I will say whats good and whats wrong with my experience with that product regardless of if :
1. I bought it retail for my own use
2. I bought it discounted for my own use
3. I was loaned / gifted the item for my own use.
4. I was compensated in cash or product for my time and effort.
I retain full editorial control of my content that I publish and I'm always clear about that. I'm not going to give a product a thumbs up if it doesn't perform as billed. I don't want to deal with emails or even face to face conversations where people basically say " this thing stinks, you lied ."
That said, I also can not be responsible for :
1. A user's inability to use a product
2. A user who installs software or hardware for an UNSUPPORTED configuration and complains about problems
3. A user who has a flaky system in the first place
4. Failure to RTFM
5. The one odd time a bad product does get shipped to ONE user who then assumes all the products made are bad because of their own unique experience. A company can ship thousands of items, but it seems like the one time their product isn't right, some user will cry out and make a huge stink like everyone is having the same problem when in reality, its just them. It could also be that they managed to do something with a product in a some what unexpected or unintended way and found a way to cause it to fail to perform as expected. In software these are called bugs and they happen sometimes. Be kind, be respectful, report it to the company and left them try to make it right.
As they say, your milage may vary depending on what you do with something and how knowledgable you are.
My word to you is that I'll always make every effort to be honest about what I experience. That doesn't mean I can't make a mistake, or have a different experience than you. I'm simply reporting what I experienced.
Steve Oakley

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