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Thursday, May 31, 2012

AJA Has CS6 Drivers

AJA has drivers at last released for CS6 ! Available HERE.  The last major video I/O card vendor has them out. All things considered, having working drivers for you card within a few weeks of CS6's release is VERY welcome. A big thank you to all third party video card makers for getting your drivers updated and out for CS6.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lightworks Releases Their NLE Today on Windows

Today LightWorks has released its NLE for the modern world. Its out of beta and ready to go. Right now, the initial release is Win 7, but Linux and OS X are supposed to be coming soon. There are 2 versions of Lightworks - the Free version and Pro Paid one. The Pro version is 40L or about $62 US. What does that buy you ? A lot actually. 

  • ProRes Decode
  • Avid DNxHD Decode and Encode (extra Avid DNxHD License required)
  • AVC-Intra Decode and Encode
  • XDCAM EX Decode and Encode
  • XDCAM HD 50 422 Decode and Encode
  • DPX Decode and Encode
  • RED R3D Decode
  • H.264 / AVCHD Decode and Encode
  • BluRay VC1 Export
  • MPEG-4 Export
  • Quicktime Export
  • AAF Import and Export
  • Titling tool
  • Stereoscopic Support – Import, Edit, Effects, Export
  • Project Sharing
  • Hardware I/O Support
  • Multiple Concurrent User Licensing options
  • Volume Licensing options
  • Lifetime Pro Membership of the Lightworks Community

There are lots of other cool features like GPU powered FX, nodal compositing, project sharing and archieving, ect. Pretty much the entire list of things pro editors want and need.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Matrox Releases CS6 Compatible Drivers

Yet one more things today ! Matrox has released CS6 drivers for their MXO2 series I/O devices. Available here.

Premiere Pro 6.0.1 Update Also Live Today

A variety of bug fixes have been done and a few new features added including :

  • Improved performance using OpenCL, especially when used on Mac OSX v10.7.4 or later.
  • For details of GPU acceleration in Premiere Pro, see this page. For details of OpenCL features in Premiere Pro CS6, see this page.
  • Added encoding presets with additional bit-rate settings for XDCAM HD.
  • Added Automatic Peak File Generation preference in the Audio category for turning off automatic peak file generation for imported audio. By default, this preference is enabled and matches the behavior of Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.0).
  • When this preference is disabled, importing audio or opening projects will not cause peak files to be generated. If peak files were already generated, then waveforms will be visible. Files imported before the preference was disabled will continue to generate peak files.
  • Enabled “smart rendering” and added Enable Smart Rendering Codec setting to the Video tab of the MXF OP1a exporters for XDCAM HD and XDCAM EX to enable or disable smart rendering for these formats. This option defaults to the off/disabled state. We’ll have more information about this feature in a post on this blog within a day. 

Here is a complete post on everything in this release.

After Effects 11.0.1 Released Today, Adds Kepler Class GPU Support




Adobe released AE 11.0.1 update today. Various bug fixes are there, but the big news is official support for Kepler class nVidia GPU's like the 680. Official word is here. You get the update automatically via the Adobe Updater.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Seeing Color

This test of color will see just how well you not only see color, but can compare color. Taking it is useful to see where you have a hard time separating certain colors, especially when next to others that make it harder. This isn't to mean that your career as a colorist is over if you don't do so great on the first go around. In fact just the opposite, you can use this test and others like it to better identify where your deficiencies are and compensate for them.

Meanwhile I'm back on the road tomorrow doing audio on more political coverage. Work is good !

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Update From Work

I haven't had time to post so far this week. I've been out on the road covering the up coming elections for one of the networks. That's my boom pole in the shot ! We caught this by being in the right place at the right time. Its when having your gear working counts because there is no second take. Of course I'm NOT making any statement of politics here with this picture one way or the other, except to say that its good for keeping a lot of freelance crew people working.

Monday, May 21, 2012

T4i ?


There are rumors going around that Canon will sometime in the month of June be announcing 2 new cameras - the t4i / 650D and maybe a mirrorless body, perhaps in EF mount. A t4i would be welcome because it should hopefully mean that Canon is finally fixing up the low to middle range of their products. The big question will be if the t4i has the moire and aliasing problem fixed. If yes, this bodes well for a 70D eventually with the same fix. If the 7D updates to a 8D or 7D mkII it should also have the same fixes. My concern is that Canon instead does a 50% fix - quite literally they make it better, but not perfect to force users who are brand loyal to go well up the product line for acceptable video quality from these cameras. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks how this will go, and hopefully Canon will step up and not screw this up.

Whats Missing In Creative Suite 6 Master Collection ?


What's missing in Creative Suite CS6 Master Collection ? Catalyst is ! its become Muse which is available as far as I can tell only through Creative Cloud. Now I know most video folks aren't touching hardcore web authoring apps, but there are days I do. As much as video is a big component of what I do from shooting to editing to finishing, it still has to be delivered. To that end I'm delivering most projects to the web. Being able to produce interfaces or sites that integrate video content has become important to what I do. I had messed around with Catalyst but never quite got anything done with it as I hit some short comings in the product. I hoped ( expected ) that 2.0 would fix them. Alas its been snatched out of my hands. If you want it, you have to go to the cloud.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday B&H SD and CF Card Sale



Need some more SD or CF cards ? B&H is again doing a Friday Sale with major discounts on SD and CF cards. 64G cards are now very reasonable, and 128's aren't bad if you need that much space per card.

This site does get a small commission if you use the links here...a little support goes a long ways and this is a great deal. 

Something Great To Watch

Its been a while since I turned up something special to watch. Great music, great shooting, great editing. How often do I ever say that ? well today :) enjoy some pure pleasure.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

How To Get Your AMD / ATI GPU To Work In Premiere Pro CS6 MPE

One thing that may of been missed by a lot of folks in the release of Premiere Pro CS6 - support for real time full res full frame effects by using OpenCL in Mercury Playback Engine. Almost everything thats done with CUDA on nVidia cards is also now being done as well in OpenCL on ATI / AMD GPU's. Read more on adobe site for the details. So I wanted to try this out on my iMac 27" as I figure it had a new enough GPU and enough VRAM to work.

A Little Hacking To Get Your GPU To Work


The list of offically supported GPU's is short - just 2. However its pretty easy to get your own GPU to work provided it meets the major requirement ( at least for CUDA ) of at least 768mb of VRAM. The GPU in my 2010 iMac is a 5750 with 1G of VRAM. A slightly older GPU, but enough VRAM to give it a go. Here is how I did it.


Pre Update, 10.7.4 is highly recommended as it has major OpenCL improvements, so I'd do this update first.


1. Locate the actual Premiere Pro application


2. Right click on the Prem Pro icon and in the contextual menu select "Open Package Contents"


3. Open up the Contents folder


4. Right click on the file named opencl_supported_cards.txt and do Get Info on the file


5. At the bottom of the Get Info window click the lock icon, enter your admin password when asked


6. If Sharing and Permissions isn't spun down, do so. Change admin at least to Read & Write, I also changed everyone as well. This will allow you to write the file back after changes



7. Change to Read & Write


8. Close the Get Info window


9. Now open the opencl_supported_cards.txt file into TextEdit. You'll see 2 cards list there.


10. Go to the OS X's top left apple button menu and select About This Mac


11. In About This Mac hit the More Info Button.


12. On the first screen ( Overview ) you'll see your GPU model. Drag the mouse cursor over the text so it selects, then hit Command C ( copy )



13. Back to text edit, go to the end of the last line. Hit enter, then paste the name of the GPU in.



14. Hit Save and then close the file


15. Start Up Prem Pro and enjoy hardware MPE on your ATI / AMD GPU


What If It Doesn't Work ?

If you start up Prem Pro and it crashes, you need to go back into the opencl_supported_cards.txt  and remove your GPU. If you find, with hardware MPE enabled that you are not stable, quit Prem Pro and remove the listing. So far my 5750 works fine, of course YMMV, I'm not responsible for you trashing Prem Pro, ect. Do this at your own risk... and have fun seeing if your GPU works !

How LEE Filters Are Made : By Hand !

This wasn't what I was planning to post today,  but it was pretty cool. This is a factory walk thru at LEE Filters showing how their resin lens filters are made. I guess if you ask why filters are so expensive for what they seem to be, here is the answer.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Black Magic Design Releases CS6 Drivers

Black Magic Design has released drivers V 9.5.1 with CS6 compatibility. Get the Mac Drivers here

CS 6.0.1 Updates !

The bits aren't even dry on the hard drive yet and a bunch of CS 6.0.1 updates are live via automatic updates. Of interest is AME 6.0.1 which adds "Smart Exporting". Whats that ? thats when AME just copies the original media file data from source into your export file without a decompression / compression pass. Saves a compression generation, makes the process much faster. However, let me also be clear that ANYTIME you do anything with the image - scale it, position it, add a color corrector or other filter, ect any NLE has to decompress that frame into full raster RGB, do the processing, then recompress. There is no getting around that. However, if you are doing what amounts to basically cuts only, or at least no effects except some dissolves this should make exporting go much faster. Can't wait to see what comes along next.

CS6 Is Here !

Its HERE ! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

7D Anti-Aliasing / Moire Filter Now Available

Its more than cool that Moasic Engineering now has an antialiasing filter for the 7D.... except what about the few million more 60D's out there ? I mean seriously, there are FAR FAR FAR more 60D's than 7D's. please give us a filter for the 60D. Cool for the 7D, but its an old camera at this point...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dave Simons & Chris Prosser of AE Intervew

Dave and Chris talk about some really great behind the scenes stuff in what goes on in creating After Effects. They also talk specifically about CS6. Dave Simons was one of the original founders of COSA. The interview is up on FXguide . There is some great stuff here and its well worth the listen.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Made In After Effects CS6 3D

Ok I've had CS6 to play with, well... NDA, I can't tell you how long :)

Here is a new title I made for my next web review. This feature's AE's new 3D rendering, ray traced of course at 16 photons / pixel, motion blur and cranked up DoF on the camera. 

ToolFarm Is Now A Site Sponsor




If you are looking for an Adobe CS6 Master Suite Upgrade  or Adobe CS6 Production Premium Upgrade consider doing it with Toolfarm and help support one of the coolest companies on the web.

Upgrades for Production Premium and After Effects are also available.

Monday, May 07, 2012

nVidia Has CS6 drivers for its SDI options

First out of the gate with drivers for the new Transmit API in Adobe CS6 apps is.... nVidia. If you have an SDI output on one of their cards here is the driver.

My expectations for other vendors : no one will be waiting very long for drivers for CS6 support. Stay tuned !

Adobe CS6 Now Shipping !


YES ! Finally here. more than worth it, reviews over the next day or two.

Mac Master Collection Full version

PC Master Collection Full Version

Mac Production Premium Full Version

PC Production Premium Full Version

These links do give us a small commission which would be appreciated if you need the full version. 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Camera We All Want But No One Is Delivering


I had some high hopes about this NAB and new cameras. Lets face it, we all did actually. In some respects the dslr revolution has stopped evolving. Canon has expensive and really expensive new offerings but has totally missed the market that started it all. Nikon has at best modest offerings, but since you can't mount any EF glass onto their bodies thats a lost cause. I'm not sure you can even mount PL glass to Nikon bodies.


Panasonic ? GH2 is cool but its M4/3's. They had no new large sensor camera at NAB this year and the AF100 is again M4/3's. 


Sony ? Ok, the FS100 continues to be the maybe camera in my eyes. Its a bit pricey, but not crazy to the point of where the pay off time on the camera is very long. F3 ? well its a year old, but looking more than over priced by a crazy amount and the new FS700 spanks its pants off for 1/2 the price. The F3 is a very nice camera, but not for $16K and the C300 does better in low light for the same price.
BMD camera ? I'l probably add one to my camera collection because its price is right and I can use it on some ENG type jobs. Its smaller than M4/3's bigger than 2/3" means easy focusing compared to S35 sized cameras. It has SDI out to feed the truck and takes audio in so it all stays in sync. Its a great basic video camera. However, because the sensor is small, its not going to replace the look of my 60D's
Lets look at my package today. I started with a T2i to test the waters. I still had a JVC HD100 and that camera worked a lot. While somewhat pleased by the T2i, I also saw its short comings. This was mainly in the non-native ISO's that made the camera noisy. As soon as the 60D came out, I bought one, selling the T2i and not looking back. Its was good as the 7D for a lot less. It continues to be the sweet spot under these conditions : APS-C / S35 sensor vs overall image quality vs PRICE !
I now have 2 60D's and love them for the image quality vs price EXCEPT for the alaising and moire problems. You just never know when its going to bite you on stuff like fabrics, slightly off horizontal lines, ect. Really its pretty ridiculous when you consider it. There are other cameras in this price range without the problems.
So where is the $1,000ish APS-C /S35 size sensor camera without moire and aliasing problems ? for now it doesn't exist. I'd even go to $2000 or so. The 5D MkII is too dated, the 5D MkIII is too soft unless you mod the camera and remove the 2nd low pass filter. Then this camera starts to shine at almost reasonable price. However, its still not what I want. The sensor is too big. Canon has no APC-C camera that's not $8K or more and makes artifact free images. The next cheapest camera is the Sony FS100 for $5K. However, add on a Metabones EF adapter, some batteries and bits and you are at about $6500. The onboard codec is ok for some work and it shoots to SD cards which is even better. However for best quality add on another $1100 or so for an Atmos Ninja to record 8bit ProRes. Not great, but perhaps livable and still a bit expensive.
The reality is this : the sub $2K APS-C sensor market is completely wide open and unguarded. Any company that comes along with a camera with this size sensor, a decent codec and a EF mount is going to clean up. There is huge pent up demand here and no one is responding. Canon could do it, but some how I expect they are going to miss the boat. They are gonna do an FCP X move.  I actually think they have just plain old gotten greedy thinking that the dslr folks will just pay ANYTHING for a better camera. While I'm sure C300 sales have been very strong initially, I"ll also bet they taper off nearly as quick as people like me just sit and wait. Hopefully the wait won't be much longer for a 70D model that makes reasonably a sharp artifact free 1080 image… or some company will.  If anyone may come along, it could be Panasonic, or some Chinese company we've never heard of that just drops a bomb. O f course Canon can claim they didn't see it coming as the loose customers to the upstart. In the words of Mr. Jobs "If you aren't prepared to cannibalize yourself, your competition will."

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Sony NEX-FS700 Officially Is $8K and in PreOrder Status

No surprises today in a good way with the price officially coming in at $7995. B&H is taking pre-orders now. If you use the link on our site we will get a small commission that would be appreciated. Also B&H is doubling the current Canon rebates when you buy a body plus lens. 

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Quadro 4000 Running On External Thunderbolt Connection and WORKING with Premiere Pro

We all knew it was possible and had just been waiting for the hardware to happen. Its HERE ! its pre-production hardware, but it works. Also of interest - they are running CS6 !

Carey Dissmore, IMUG founder interview

I've known Carey forever, we did the In Production Series on DaVinci ReSolve together. Check out his ToolFarm interview here

And here we are together in Vegas just before the IMUG event started