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Sunday, May 17, 2015

F' For Blacklisting My Email AGAIN !

AGAIN ! If you don't know what is, its a site that tries to automate and track spam and generates a blacklist of URLs and IP of spam sources. The problem is if the spammer spoofs the IP address then your server gets list. Meanwhile when you send email it will randomly bounce depending on who you send it to. Getting it fixed is a painful slow process. At this point, its pretty clear this method of spam reduction is harmful to a lot of regular people. The internet needs to do better. Perhaps a lawsuit against them is in order and have them shut down for the lost business and cost of being de-blacklisted. Its ridiculous to think some none government entity can completely screw up your email and have not accountability for damages caused. This is the third time I think I've had to deal with it. They do NOT have a right to interfere with my communications. 

Sunday, May 03, 2015

So Now This Solar Laptop Thing !

Ok, my biggest issue with travels in the SW has been power. No I'm not going to get a generator, carry gas in jug, fumes ect. Most primitive campsites come with nothing but table if you are lucky and fire ring. I spent a few nites no table and fire ring was just pile of rocks. I was looking for a cleaner simpler alternative to power my laptop and cell phone + camera chargers. I didn't want to risk draining van battery low and not being able to start in the morning.

Solar panels. I bought 35 a/hr battery, 50 W panel + controller AKA battery charger / load management unit. If I took the battery down to nothing, 9 hrs @ 50W =  450w /hrs or I should charge up w/o effort given 35a/hr @ 12v = 420 w/hr or  9 hrs at 50W... even given a little less it should all work.

Laptop at full load is 85w/hrs so I should be able to work for a few hours w/o effort. Enter bad charger unit. Basically you buy panel plus charger / load control unit. It should just work.   Not my luck. While initial first test worked ok, I never really did full cycle battery with panel. Bad mistake. The charger / load unit never let my battery come to full charge, even after full day of sunlight. Bad. Not even after 2 days.

While in the end I managed to use regular driving to charge laptop and batteries, it didn't quite work as I wanted. I was lucky to get camp site several nites with 120V power  from. In UT that's very rare unless you go to expensive might as well get cheap hotel room campsites in commercial crammed in place. No thanks ! I did find some fine local cheap  hotels to stay at on way back mostly due to rain... and want of shower. Otherwise if you have been watching my FB  page I've been turining out a lot of great still images. No video FWIW. Just seems like stills better captures whats there.


solar charger for mobile laptop

eventually I made it thru. I got battery with bad charger to 12.5V but in the end, I did enough driving that 12V ->16.5V laptop power adapter kept me going.