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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What Matters

soft crash in premiere pro

Its been busy. Crazy busy and posting here just hasn't been something I've had much time for. Same for software reliability. Premiere Pro 2015 is the release that never should of been. It gave me nothing but a year of fits with errors like this or the Media Pending problems. No amount of voodo wanted to get a large project to work for more than an hour or two. Even creating a new project and importing TL's and media didn't help - it all went downhill within an hour or less. Typically it just took an app restart to cause it... usualy that fixes things, not makes problems ! Eventually I bought FCP X and got things done there. At this point I'm looking at my NLE options on any OS. Prem Pro 2017 has so far been stable, but I'm only testing it. Its certainly a great NLE, but if I can't trust the app the always work what good is it ? FCP X is half the editor, but it works. Its at times very clumsy or unpredictable or requires doing the same thing several times before you get it right, but the job gets done. Thats my point, the job has to get done, the tool has to work. Waiting 3 months for an update for something that is stopping you from getting work done doesn't work. I can't push projects off 3 months for delivery just because... Going backwards isn't always an option either. Sometimes the situation forces you to do something else, like use another tool. Thankfully we have those options. As I contemplate a NLE and OS switch like so many others out there because of Apple's lack of pro machines, reliability is going to be my number one concern. Number 2 will be access to all my old and current projects via XML and haing to do the least amount of work needed to get them into working deliverable form - like fixing titles, audio mixes, etc. In some ways its like the 1990's all over again with islands unto themselves. The only interesting trend is MXF becoming the new MOV format. Not the Folder / File sort, but single file MXF AKA Op1.

Meanwhile, we can all cry about how Tim Cook is driving Apple into the ground over stock pricing, profit margins, and not giving a shit about the people who, well made Apple Great In Production. The ones who'll buy top end and profitable machines. Apple no longer seems to really care about them. The laptops are really nice consumer machines that some pro's may be able to do work on. The trashcans ????