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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

No New Macs Today

Ok, sure, they tend to save that for Oct at separate event… but I think things are in such a mess with the Mac Pro that waiting isn’t something they should be doing, provided they have something. They should at the very least be feeding the rumor mill if there is anything worth waiting for because people are tired of waiting and are making decisions now… especially for next year’s budgeting.

Short term, I think I’m going to do a CPU upgrade on my machine for $500 or so. should give me about a 50% speed boost on an already good machine. I think thats very good ROI. I might also upgrade RAM but I haven’t really been running into low RAM situations for the most part. With a new GPU it will let me coast for at least a year to decide where I’m going. 

heavily leaning towards linux as primary production machine as resolve and fusion both run on it. smoke isn’t available on linux anymore :( so the pure NLE choices are limited, but rough cut on laptop with FCP X, XML into resolve for finishing and Fusion for MG/VFX. it would be a pretty radical switch, but at some point apple needs to either deliver, or just step up and formally let the pro market go, at least for video. In audio I think they will continue on as audio just doesn’t need the sort of hardware 4K + video does.