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Monday, May 22, 2017

Watson Chargers No Longer Have My Blessing

I did a review a while back on these chargers. Seemed like a great idea having easy to change battery plates so they would work with whatever batteries you had. Dual position and the ability to test batteries without being powered up... and a bonus USB outlet. So what is there not to like ? The fact mine died, or are dying. It starts the same way - the right side charing position stops working. Usually in not fully charging batteries all the way up. Move the battery to the left side, and you'll see its at 80-90% done. The right side displayt blanks out. Given that these chargers get light to modest use, there is just no reason a year or two after purchase they start to fail. Eventually the right side quits working while the left side works for a while longer, then eventually fails as well. Opening on charger up revealed some sort of liquid / suger spill on the circut board. That wasn't from me, it was from the factory ! Its not the first time I've found spill evidence inside electronics from the factory. In any event, the first charger died. I washed in alcohol, let it dry out for a bit and it didn't work. Worse is that the capacitors seems to of soaked up some water so it didn't go so well. Not worth trying to repair. Likewise my second unit is showing signs of the same failure. Therefore, I have to offically take back my endorcement of this product given its short lifespan.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

NAB 2017

Another NAB come and gone.

This year was special in celebrating the 20th Aniversary of the MMB, I've got 18 straight years in. Special thanks to Red Giant for their incredible gift of everything they have to everyone ! Doesnt get better than that.

Meanwhile, we thankfully saw modest number of new things and imprivements in gear. There is a pure glut of cine glass now. Your camera is still not obsolete from last year !

Interesting notes : No RED booth this year ! I guess why should they. No AutoDesk Smoke / Flame booth. Always known for being obnoxiously loud, no one with a booth nearby complained. No FCP X announcements. Guess the update will just show up one day soon as update.

The Ugly : Premiere Pro has not been getting good press. Stability, deleting media from drives, GH5 10bit non-support... Ya they released this one a little early. Would of been better to wait a month and fixed it all. 

Other Adobe video apps had good release updates like AE an AME which continue to be tools many rely on to get work done and money made.


Anyway its been good not doing the constant several times a week postings I used to do. The break is good. I do have some new product review things in the works, just waiting for UPS to get things here ! 

I'm even working on a couple of art videos as a change up. Production work is good, post has been light. Not so bad to catch a break for a bit but things are getting busy again which is good. 

New truck too. Thats going to be an interesting review !

Thats it. Back to work for  now.