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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Canon Just Keeps Turning Out Amazing Stuff

Canon Goes All Ultra Resolution On Us !

Canon's 205mm  8 inch CMOS image sensor
Canon is has announced the largest CMOS image sensor made at 205X205mm - thats 8X8 inches ! Thats view camera size ! Its Ultra light sensitive due to its size. Price ? you can't afford it, trust me if the 1D comes in at $5k or so as I recall. A 35mm sized sensor is literally a postage stamp on a near full sheet of paper in comparison. Click Here No Specs on actual pixel count, but I'm sure there much bigger then typical pixels on a chip. Who cares, now I can finally use those 100 year old view cameras again ! :)

13K Chips For Everyone Else ?

13K canon image sensor
Canon showed off a new CMOS image sensor in APS-H size that has 13,280 x 9,184 pixels. Thats 120 MegaPixels ! lets put some perspective on that : a 1920X1080 HD video image is 1/16th of the surface area, and the chip is in fact designed to deliver video that way. This is like the current cameras which can deliver a 640X480 image from the 5K sensor. Read all the details here

4K 2/3" Working Camera Prototype Actually Making Video

In a consumerish housing, Canon displayed a working 4K 2/3" chip camera. Scarlet is probably dead as a 2/3" camera now, unless RED can bring it out for a lot less. Given their constant messing around with near monthly software builds that can mess up previous work, I'd say who wants to deal with RED anymore. At one time, hands down no question they were the only 4K camera, at least that mortals could actually buy. These days options are starting to appear. Who wants a camera that takes 90 seconds to boot up ? You can't argue price anymore. Ultra HD is 4K, and Canon seems ready to start delivering production tools for that format, perhaps even quite affordably. 

Wonder Camera

A concept project, canon had this new camera to display. However, this was on display at Expo 2010 in China.