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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Panasonic Releases Pics of Their APS-C Sized Camera

Panasonic released these pics today of their up and coming camera first shown at NAB.

Probably a move to steal a little bit of Canon's big PR this week. Either way its a look that they are on their way to a shipping product. The body is small compared to most video cameras in the pro realm, but its bigger then a dslr, has XLR's, a movable LCD of unknown quality. I'm betting a sharper picture then dslr's, and no aliasing / moire problems. We'll see when they get here. 
Now the details, that a PL mount adapter there on the left. A couple of 4/3 mount lenses next to the camera, and a pair of Nikon lenses with the presumed adapter for them. 
panasonic's APS-C camera
I'm sure there will be an EOS and OM adapter as well. If I was ambitious I could probably turn them up on ebay right now ! If I were to consider this camera, the good news is just about everything I have would work with it - my glass, matte box, follow focus, and my resolution independent Ultra resolution ready lights. 
There is an old adage that a (film) camera is nothing more the a box to hold the film. My adage is, a digital camera is nothing more then something to hold your media card in ! really these cameras are coming too fast, too cheap to spend much on them. They are almost disposable at this rate. 
close up of panasonic camera
Well there goes the neighborhood when the 12 year old next door  gets one of these out of the garbage, or pawn shop for $100 and can make images as good as a couple hundred grand worth of gear did a few years ago. Thats progress ? yes ! if you know how to make great images under the most difficult of circumstances every time you still have a job. For once its nice to be equipment poor, putting 25-50% of every job into paying for gear. Now you can pay for it with a day, or couple of days of work. After that its actually making you money, instead of costing it. Of course this also means you shouldn't be backing off on your day rate either because you are being paid for the images you make, not the gear so much anymore. When you think about it, if you can give your clients the look of 35mm for the cost of DV, they are saving a truck load of cash, in which case you are now very cheap.