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Friday, September 03, 2010

After Effects 10.0.1 Update Is Out

Hot after Premiere Pro's update yesterday, Adobe has released AE 10.0.1 !

The new release adds the following :

There were several fixes and improvements for RED (R3D) import and workflow.
The Apply Color LUT effect can now use .3dl files with floating point values or 3DMESH/Mesh keywords, or those saved from an ASSIMILATE SCRATCH system (i.e., that have SCRATCH in the comments at the top of the file).
QuickTime (.mov) 
Files from JVC solid-state cameras can be imported
The standalone Adobe Media Encoder (AME) application can export MXF files containing MPEG-2 essence items that comply with the XDCAM HD format used by such systems as Avid Unity. Because you can use the standalone AME application to render and export After Effects compositions, this feature extends to After Effects.

Now a list of fixed bugs

When using AIFF source audio, RAM previews and rendered and exported audio were scrambled or jumped around. 
Apply Color LUT effect rendered IRIDAS .cube 1D LUT files (containing LUT_1D_SIZE keyword) incorrectly.
A bug in the 10.0.0 implementation of the Apply Color LUT effect for .cube files caused the R and B channels to be swapped for one another.
When initiating a RAM preview, After Effects said that the composition must have 2 or more frames to work (“After effects error : Ram preview needs 2 or more frames to playback.”), but purging the cache allows it to work.
Crash on start due to bad fonts.
Crash using setProxyToNone method for footage item in script
Crash importing Sony XDCAM HD footage from Sony XDCAM Transfer application.
Slow playback of compositions containing several layers based on video footage items, especially for long-GOP footage from DSLR cameras.
MPEG files with vbv_buffer_size_extension value set were coming in at 2/3 the expected frame rate.
Crash on quit when not saving changes to an untitled (not saved) project after Auto-save interval has passed.
Crash scrubbing in Timeline panel if OpenGL rendering used for previews.
Crash duplicating a layer after RAM previewing in the Layer panel, with disk cache on.
Couldn’t import DPX image sequence either manually or with Automatic Duck Pro Import AE if GlueTools is installed.
OpenGL error interrupted render: “AE_OpenGL: Unexpected Condition: No active gl context for line drawing”.
After Effects hung when unfreezing a precomposed layer with Roto Brush effect (with Refine Matte enabled) on it. Also, freeze could sometimes stop when calculating the backward-propagating part of a span.
Crash when copying and pasting Roto Brush effect to text or shape layer.
Crash on start after creating a custom workspace if Project panel was undocked and Brushes panel was opened in the last workspace.
Couldn’t snap keyframes or layer markers (using Shift-drag) to layer, current-time indicator, or work area at start of composition.
Crash when using a PNG file with path name longer than 256 characters.
Couldn’t auto-scroll in the Composition or Layer panel when dragging a UI item (e.g., track point or mask vertex) off the edge of the panel.
Colors rendered incorrectly with Avid DNxHD and AJA2vuy codecs in 16bpc and 32bpc projects.
QuickTime movies using PhotoJPEG codec with large frame sizes created by After Effects CS4 or earlier rendered with large color shifts in Premiere Pro CS5 or After Effects CS5.
QuickTime movies using Blackmagic RGB 10bit codec rendered with color shift or gamma shift.
Standard-definition-sized H.264 movies were imported with color space interpreted as HDTV (Rec. 709) instead of SDTV (Rec. 601 NTSC).
RED ROCKET card support
RMD metadata sidecar file support
Support for build 30 inclduing Mysterium-X sensor and the new color science
The last three items were also part of the Premiere Pro release a day ago. A lot of good fixes in here. You can get it thru the Adobe update utility which should be running on your system already.

There's still more !

3rd party Mocha AE has been updated with a bunch of bug fixes, and Color Finesse has also had a bunch of bug fixes.

If you use After Effects on Mac OSX v10.6.4, be sure to apply the graphics update from Apple.

You'll also want to do any updates for your 3rd party video I/O products as well. 

Thank you Adobe for putting this out !