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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

GoPro Firmware Update is Finally Released


Go get it !

Things added and fixed include :
25fps / Pal frame rate. No 24, but if you aren't doing sync sound, simply interpeting the 25FFPS mov at 24FPS and live with the 4% slow down works for me !

Live Feed Output

YES ! finally you can see video while the camera is just on, as well as recording. Feed video to a wireless transmitter, or just plug a LCD monitor in to see what you are really getting. 

Live Feed with On Screen Display

Shows battery, time recorded, recording status. Perfect for making sure its running

Upside down mode

in camera vertical fip.

Idiot Mode, I mean One Button Record Mode

set the camera so that when you turn it on, it starts to record. Turn it off, it stop. Perfect for, well, you know !