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Monday, December 13, 2010

New Magic Lantern Build for 550D / T2I

It must be that time of the year ! Magic Lantern has release an  pre-ALPHA build of their latest efforts. The big deal : on screen audio meters and manual control. They are making good on their feature set list. This makes the 550D a much more interesting camera. Check it out here. I'm not responsible for you messing up your camera, ect.
  • Features of the latest ML version (firmware 1.0.8):
    • Onscreen audio meters
    • Lens data computation
    • Manual audio gain, selectable input source
    • Cropmarks
    • Zebra stripes / histogram
    • GUI menus
    • Stack focus
    • Intervalometer
    • Wireless trigger with your own hand :)
    • Bit rate control (QScale parameter) for H.264 encoder (see Bit rate)
  • Upcoming features:
    • Headphone monitoring via A/V jack
    • Waveform
 After messing around with it, it does appear to work. However, the build I pulled had no ML menus so I had nothing to play with. It was interesting to see those audio meters though :) ML seems to turn off the built in mic, so I had no quick check. Its pretty geeky, I did crash it out once, it requires loading everytime you start the camera up, as far as I can tell. Maybe my card isn't set to auto boot the right way. No sure, docs are thin. Try it.