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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

Have a safe happy holiday season, especially next weekend as we all celebrate new years ! 

In other news.... RED shipped ONE EPIC camera this week... thats nice. The fanboys are in  a frenzy as usual. I guess as with Red One, they'll have a ramp up of production over the next few months. I was gonna post on it the day it was made public, but was far more concerned about the FCC internet rulings. Those rulings stand to effect how many of us actually make a living, rather then a tool we might buy to get a job done. The FCC rulings I think have largely been misunderstood by most main stream media reporting because they are really failing to report about the loopholes and vague areas that leave things open for the ISP's to do what they want. There is also of course the legal challenge of if the FCC has the authority to act as they have. On that point, its a finer issue : the FCC has been granted the authority to regulate RF transmissions, so that should cover wireless data / internet service. However they haven't been granted authority over WIRED Internet service, at least not explicitly.

Well that's it for this week! have a great weekend, take some time off, because I'm not getting that luxury. I have to work sunday !