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Thursday, December 30, 2010

4K 3K 2K on T2I / 60D : HOAX JOKE

As suspected... its a hoax. amazing how fast something like this can spread around. 
Its not april 1 !. supposed to release on Jan 1.  We'll see see. here is the youttube video


4K resolution will be 4096×2304 and records... 6 seconds. thats useful.... not.

longer times at 2K, 90secs. 

Data rates of 175mbytes/sec but requires fastest Class 10 cards you can find.

Will if be for real ? wait a couple of days and find out. Will if be useful ? that depends. 

Initially to be free, then $50US. We'll see. Maybe this will get Canon to get its  you know what in gear to deliver the goods finally in terms of fixing moire / aliasing, limited data rates, ect. 

These are their claims :



  • will be released on January 1st 2011 11:11pm EST
  • First two releases will be free. Later releases will cost around 50 USD.
  • 4K resolution will be 4096x2304
  • 60p in 1080p mode possible
  • LiveView doesn't work while recording
  • 1080p with 175Mb/s Bitrate looks gorgeous
  • Color-Space 4:2:2
  • Moire and aliasing "fixed"
  • 5D Mark II support will be released on January 11, 2011
  • Recording time in 4K is only 6 seconds. Maybe 10 seconds in future release
  • Writing 6 Seconds of 4K footage to card takes about 30 seconds.
  • No playback in-camera
  • 25p is NOT going to happen. Probably never.
  • Heating was a problem until 6 days ago. But not anymore.
  • Has built in limiter so you won't brick your camera
  • Battery will be sucked up pretty fast.
  • Will NOT record in 16:9 (coming in future release)
  • Will be first released for T2i (550D) and will later come to 7D, 5D Mark II. No Word on 60D yet.
  • Monthly updated planned on each months 1st
  • "Rolling Shutter isn't much of an issue"
  • No drop frames
  • Youtube User Dod3032 will get the firmare one day early and will put up videos on youtube on 2011-01-01
  • Sourcecode will also be released
  • HDMI Out will still work
  • Works only with fast Class10 cards
  • Working cards are: Sandisk Extreme III class 10 8gb and above. Transcend class 10 16gb and above and Lexar Pro class 10 32gb.
  • 7D Security is a pain in butt because of firmware counter. So no support yet.
  • Not T1i (they don't have one)
  • Development took about 2 month in total
  • Special Website will be up soon