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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Back to Work

All right, after slacking off from the program for the last week or so ( can you blame me ! ) I'm back to doing things. That ultra vintage lens thing is still a work in progress, I haven't forgotten about it. I've got one or two video reviews in the works, and a few other things on the burner. 
Todays news is that Zacuto is gonna ship its EVF viewfinder. I don't like to bite any hands, but lets get real, its a miserable 800X480. Common, thats a joke. Sure you can't see pixels, because it doesn't have the res to display them ! the LCD on the back of the camera plus your loupe of choice, even a zacuto is a far better value then this thing. There are plenty of 5-8" LCD's that are 720p res out there that will give you more bang for a lot less buck. If you have ever used a RED LCD thats a real 720p screen, you know what I mean. Its a world of difference. I know only the 7D is HD when recording, but when you aren't, I'll take all the pixels I can get.