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Thursday, January 06, 2011

CES News : GoPro Finally has LCD screen, Extra Battery and 3D mode

How about something cool from CES ! GoPro, which has announced they would have an add on LCD panel for the GoPro Hero HD camera for at least the last year, finally has shown them at CES. Its not on their website yet. They also finally showed the extra battery pack they were promising forever as well. The extra battery will give you 5 hours of run time which is great. The LCD will reduce that by 30% or so if you leave it on all the time. 

Then there is the 3D version. Its two HD cameras mounted side by side in one case, but one camera is flipped upside down right next to each other. The lenses are almost touching.It seems odd that they put them this close, rather then right side up which would be about 1.5" apart, but maybe it looked too weird that way due to the wideness of the lens. We'll see. So besides the new case, there is a jumper setup linking the two cameras together since you'd want them to use the same exposure, and have they frame scanning in sync. You also have to have 2 cameras as well. 

As for if 3D ever goes anywhere, time will tell. Yes its being pushed harder than DVD or HD ever was, but no one wants it. I think most folks generally see it as a way to try and force everyone to buy a lot of new hardware... for what ? consumer polls show almost no one would actually buy 3D LCD's. It really remains a movie theater novelty. I saw Avatar in 3D and really liked it that way, however I don't think I need or want all movies see to be in 3D at all. It really changes how a movie is shot and edited which may not fit with the film's style and theme. OTH with so many films being over cut, slowing down the pace of edits might not be a bad thing either.