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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tascam Releases V1.2 Firmware for the DR-680 8 Track Recorder

Tascam has released V1.2 firmware for the DR-680 8 track recorder. Whats new ?

MS Stereo Support ! you can record 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 each as its own MS pair, and decode it during playback correctly, and mix to the headphones correctly. What a great feature to get !

GANG Function  - The GANG function allows you to adjust multiple channels at the same time on the TRIM, PAN and LEVEL screens. Set the range of channels to be ganged by pressing the number keys for the channels at both ends of the range at the same time.

Improved front panel control : you can do most things on the front panel now... except step back out of some menu items which still requires the |<< button. That said, what the have changed is MUCH better then before

•  Better power management. I had personally gotten this one on their radar : when you power the unit on the DC input connector, it assumes its AC power. When the battery dips below acceptable voltage, the unit shuts off corrupting at least the last file recorded. Now the unit will perform a proper shutdown and close files out when it senses power is too low for operation. Much better, but still not ideal which is to monitor power on the DC connector as a battery rather then AC power supply and show it on the display.

• You can enter some menu's now in record when you could not before

There are still some operations like shuttling audio during playback that want to use the "top" data dial rather then front panel dial, but its a good improvement from before. You can get the firmware update here from Tascam. 

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