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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

JVC Introduces a new HD camera

A new camera based on the HD100 / 200 / 700 series of cameras. Maybe these cameras aren't in vogue like dslr's, unless you work in broadcast TV or a lot of other work where a more conventional  form factor camera works better. That's heresy isn't it  for the dslr crowd !


JVC has announced the release of a new entry to its camera lineup, the GY-HM750U Pro-HD camcorder. The unit is designed for ENG, sports, documentary and other location capture work, and features a compact shoulder-mount design, as well as SDHC memory card storage. 

“High definition has not yet been standardized in many markets, and a vital segment of broadcasters don’t have the infrastructure to deliver HD from the field,” said Craig Yanagi, JVC’s national marketing and brand manager. “That’s why the new GY-HM750U offers the flexibility to record in 480i as well as a variety of HD formats. It can fulfill current SD needs while providing a seamless transition to HD in the future, all with the fastest and most efficient workflow available in the industry today.”

The new camcorder includes a dual card slot for SDHC storage, and may also be used with an optional SxS recorder. The GY-HM170U also provides ready-to-edit native files for Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and other popular NLE systems. It can also store SD content as standard DV files. The camcorder also available with JVC’s KA-AS790 ASI output module that permits direct connection between the camera and a microwave or satellite transmitter.