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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Online Store Is Now Here

I am happy to announce that we finally have a very simple online store up. Our first products are all of the Singular Software titles and they are available now - Plural Eyes and Dual Eyes Stand Alone. 

If you plan to buy any of these products, please consider buying them here to help support the site. Doing the in depth and often one of a kind reviews and research takes a lot of time and effort.  Just today we wrote a clean up utility for mac that I think all of you will find really useful in removing files left over from Premiere Pro and AE projects. After our quick 1 day of beta testing, it should be released Thurs sometime pending feedback. Its FREE.  

I'd also like to say that the traffic on this site continues to grow and its been pretty amazing. I'd like to think its about quality original content and quick, short, to the point reviews and comments that don't waste your time getting to what counts. Thanks for support, this year should be even better then last !