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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

QTindex Remover Released

I"m pleased to announce that QTindex Remover is now available FREE !

If you use Premiere Pro or AE CS2/3/4/5 this mini app will remove all those qtindex, cfa and pek files in a single simple operation.
UPDATE: I just added mpgindex
Mac only, tested on 10.6.6, it should work on 10.6.x
QTi can clean up entire drives in a single operation because it will navigate and clean sub folders.
You can directly select groups of files and folders in the file requester.
All files are moved to the Trash. You still have to empty the trash manually. This operation can not be undone. Pick and choose carefully what you process !
If you need a new file type added, let me know.


Doesn't currently work on remote network drives, only local drives. This may be fixable, it may not be ( easily ).


Will there be a PC version ? Probably not unless I get a lot of requests and can make a few dollars for the effort.
Will you fix network volume clean up ? Maybe, if its not too hard and doesn't require a complete redo of the app.
Will it hurt my good files ? Probably not, but no promises made its perfectly safe. Please inspect your trash before you empty it to be sure. I"m not responsible if it trashes your irreplacable media or other files. Use at your own risk.
WIll it work on 10.5.x or lower ? Try it and let me know.
Price ? FREE.
Comments & suggestions welcome. Enjoy a cleaner hard drive !