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Friday, February 11, 2011

Zeiss Zoom 15.5-45mm T2.6

Old news ? only if you heard about it and I bet most folks haven't.  Ziess has a 15.5mm-45mm T2.6 cine style lens with interchangeable mounts, PL  EF and F. 
zeiss 15.5 45mm cine zoom
15.5mm is quite cool for APS-C sensor cameras, and full frame ones. However, 45mm is pretty short for most users. Realistically 70mm on the long end, to maybe 100mm would make for a one lens fits most uses application. Perhaps this is why they haven't really pushed this lens, plus its only $29K. All that said, its a fairly compact lens for this type of glass.
16.5 110 zeiss zoom
There is a 16.5-100 2.6, but it is a huge piece of glass. the same can be assumed for the price too. You could never really hope to use this lens hand held, except maybe on a full steadicam rig.So the perfect dslr lens still remains an elusive item. Yes Olympus has a f2 zoom, but is 4/3's sensor lens, so no go there. I'm sure eventually we'll have a f2 20-100mm lens thats reasonable priced and reasonably sized.