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Friday, March 04, 2011

DOJ Investigating MPEG LA

The Deptment of Justice is investigating MPEG LA's  WebM's patent pool game.  " “MPEG LA, which was formed in the late 1990s, manages the licensing of more than 1,700 patents used in a high-definition video encoding standard known as H.264. The Justice Department is concerned the group’s actions may stifle competition to that dominant format, the people familiar with the matter said."  Hey, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of patent trolls... except SCO, but thats another story and we know how that one worked out.
 Honestly its time we put an end to software patents, and perhaps the entire patent system. 200 years ago it was structured to protect the little guy, but now its  being manipulated by Intellectual MONOOPLY companies. Patents no longer serve the purpose they were intended for, perhaps we need some Madison style protests in front of the patent office ! Full article here