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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Adobe has Flash -> HTML5 converter

Goodbye flash, you bug ridden performance killing abomination of code  that has plagued my life for 10 years. Adobe had announced this converter before, but now you can get your hands on it : a Flash to HTML5 converter app. It takes your flash file in, outputs editable human readable and modifiable HMTL5. Its called Wallaby and its still beta, but you can get it here. Adobe wants to keep selling their tools, so supporting HTML5 is a requirement as its been catching on pretty quickly. Certainly its clear if you want to do interactive / fancy stuff on iOS devices, HTML5 is where its at.

My prediction is that Catalyst will replace Flash the app for most of us, and I'd expect direct output of HTML5 rather then this conversion process i in the next major update to come out.  While Flash / AIR / Flexbuilder will probably live for a while longer, its pretty easy to see them fading away over the course of the next couple of years. Thank you Adobe for listening and getting it !