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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finally a simple nearly cheap LCD monitor mount

For years I've wanted a really dumb stupid simple LCD mount - a VESA plate with a 5/8 pin on it. Not rocket science, its barely garage level hacker. I made one plate like this a while back using the cheapest VESA plate I could find for about $15 in walmart plus some 5/8" rod. Now there is finally what everyone has been looking for.


Its available from Film Tools in 75mm and 100mm version for $40 each. Well cheaper then most other stuff out there at well over $100, but still more then just a bit pricey compared to even a baby plate. Did  I even say you can drill holes in a $15 baby plate and you're good to go ?  and before you even ask, why couldn't they make ONE version with both hole sets.... pass the 2X4 please. GRRRRR !