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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Want To Write The Next Big Film ?

We all run into people who want to make a big feature film, or is it even you ? Here is the manual from which countless films have been based off of, in PDF. Its "The Hero With 1000 Faces" by Joseph Campbell. It's available here
 For a great film on how hollywood reuses stuff, try this great film. BTW, if it weren't for fair use in copyright law, this great piece would not exist.


However, there is a proposal that just came out of the White House last week about major changes to copyright law and enforcement of prevention of copying material. Read it HERE . Its all about how ANY software of hardware device that circumvents copy protection would become a felony. Ripping your DVD's for you own personal use on a home media player would be a felony. This bit of proposed legislation has no mention of fair use. A project like the one you just saw would of required under this proposal, illegal acts to gain access to the material to use it _lawfully_. You can have all the fair use you want, you simply can't get at the media in the first place to use it. 

As a content creator, I'm all for reasonable protections and enforcement. This proposal goes way over the line in trying to lock all hardware and software to obey copy protection, and criminalizing circumvention of it to the same level as terrorism. Thats just crazy.  The reality is, the genie is out of the bottle, and you aren't going to get it back in. Instead of trying a Draconian approach like this, how about education towards respect of the law and property ? and how about producing content that's, worth buying / renting in the first place ?