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Monday, March 28, 2011

Its Quite This Week

Typing this from a hotel room in another country. I"m no stranger to location shooting, but crossing borders always adds its own level of complexity to what should be really simple and isn't.  I"ll be off shooting tomorrow and I'm getting to unwind from travel time right now which is better. 

I find today quite on news.  What's funny is that I wasn't hit with an insane barrage of pre-NAB material. Is it all done yet ? have all the vendors gotten word out of what's going to be new ? in some respects I hope so, then I'll have a chance of actually seeing it there. A few surprises would be nice too. I can't say how many times I've come back from NAB to find I missed something. Thats happened a few times and with all thats going on, its easy to have happen. 

One of the big non-announcements is nothing from apple. Nothing even at the Tues FCP Super Meet. Nada. If they think they can announce two weeks after NAB and its going to go well, maybe not. They are getting arrogant and we have seen what happens to companies that do so. Nothing good ever happens to them. While a rough economy  was reason for some companies to no do trade shows, things seem better. Whether apple likes it or not, they are part of the video production world, and it does have some standards. While you can certainly announce products throughout the year, NAB and IBC are the two times of the year that everyone else makes their big noise.

There is nothing wrong with this at all, however if you want to fly against this, you have neglected your product with only minor updates for years, your competitors are making more feature rich and more stable products, you have never fixed a myriad of old bugs, maybe now isn't the time to play with an attitude. Maybe its time to put out some product that works and shows investment into continued growth of the product. When users sense you are not committed to the product, they  figure it out and move on. This has happened to more then one NLE company and apple shouldn't think they are immune, even with the reality distortion field in full effect.