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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Would You Buy A SD VF For Your DSLR ?

There is yet another LCD VF entering the fray from  KinoTehniik. but please read the specs - 

 " Super crisp 24bit 3” screen with 840×400 resolution "


ah, hello ! thats SD 16:9. How sharp can that be ? Thats fewer pixels then the LCD on the back of the camera has. If you can't focus or be happy with a LCD loupe on the back of the dslr's back, how are you going to be happy with this ? if you complain that your external 5-9" LCD goes to SD during shooting and you can't see critical focus, do you have any plans of thinking this will work ok ?  Lets get real, 840X480 isn't even close to cutting it. Give me a real 1280X720 native or better LCD and we can have a conversation involving me parting with my money. I've used the RED viewfinder, and while some may complain about it, its still way better then any of these offerings. Stick with your LCD loupe for now.