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Monday, April 04, 2011

Coming Up

I've been under a pretty intense workload the last week or so, but still managing to put stuff out. After NAB I've got 2 reviews in the works. One is on a new "affordable" 24" LCD monitor, and the other on the Kenko 1.4X converter. The Kenko has been sitting here for a week, but alas my gear is out being shipped around all over the place between shoots.

At NAB, you can catch me at the Media Motion Ball monday nite. Maybe the Brew Pub on thurs nite, and on the floor mon thru wed. What I know I won't be doing is posting the same news everyone else is from NAB. First because I'm going to be silly busy, and second, there are a million other places all posting the same stuff. I'm going to look far more at trends that emerge from the show, and my overall sense of the vibe at the show. I'm sure I'll get some little news snippets in I'm going to be privy to :)