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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Techincolor and Canon Working Togther For New DSLR Style

In more interesting news today, technicolor has announced its been working with Canon for a year to develop new camera style(s) to "maximize latitude". Will this new style be a firmware update ? free ? or as I may suspect, paid ? or some flat funky style that will let technicolor have "maximum data" for their own DI process. You know no one spends that much time and effort doing something unless they expect a return. Technicolor wants to process film, but thats going away, so next best thing has to be getting digital "raw" images they can do stuff with, charge somewhere some how for working with them, and outputting what is for now, a release print.... maybe. Read it all here

You can see it with your own eyes at NAB next week... you're all going, right ?