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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back From NAB, Almost

I'm back from NAB, almost ! I'm in the minneapolis airport posting this saturday afternoon. The very best stuff at NAB I can't talk about.. NDA's and all. What I won't talk about is the zillion product announcements you've read everywhere a dozen times. What I will talk about are some emerging trends at NAB which requires a bit more thought and consideration in taking in so many things.

First I went and did some rock climbing with my GF. Good for concentration ! Dig the lectrosonics T shirt :)



The shots were taken with my 60D + Tamron 17-50 2.8 and I didn't shoot any video while there ! I was really in civilian mode. However, some of the peace and quite was broken up by some guys shooting a car commercial with a helicopter, hanging a RED out the side on a Tyler mount. Pretty hard not to make amazing pictures in a place like this ! Its the same spot they shot parts of Star Trek "Generations"


The rest of the week as I catch up with work and follow ups from NAB conversations, I'll start putting up some things I saw at the show worth thinking about, but here is a starter : Tungsten lighting is dead.