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Thursday, April 21, 2011

NAB Trend #4: Its Cheaper

You would think this NAB was more like a cruise through the local Walmart with price cuts everywhere :

Flame: $250K now as I hear it a paltry $125K and they'll throw in smoke and lustre, what a deal !

FCP : now $299 as a stand alone full version seat

scratch : available on mac or win 7 for only $17K, thats a 50% price cut !

da vinci : still only $995 for the software only version

Solid State HD recorders starting at $995

HD video I/O starting at $199

Even consumer 4K res cameras at $2k ?

Its crazy out there this year. All over the place, everywhere you look there are price cuts going on. This is both good and bad. Good for making it easier to get into some higher end tools by more people, but bad because it can cause price erosion for the services we provide with those tools.  Be careful of what you pray for, you might get it. Cheaper tools doesn't always translate into better profitability for you, and in fact could be just the opposite.