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Friday, April 29, 2011

Donald Trump Interview : Does The Camera Matter ?

They say content is king. usually, sometimes.

This is an interview I shot with Donald Trump sometimes in the spring or summer of 1998, 33 secs long. Now everyone likes to bash dslr's for how bad they can alias at times, but here is a "real" sony camera, a UVW-100. Never my favorite camera compared to a 400A or 600, you used what you had some days. The aliasing on this camera is crazy when you look at it. Yes I did properly deinterlace the ciip for the web, thats just how the camera looked some days. I am pretty sure I even have a #1 Black Pro Mist on the camera to try to take as much edge away from it as possible.  I was also shooting for Lifetime for some women's fashion show pilot. No idea if the material every got used, but I figure all this time later this might be good for a laugh, or just to prove some people never change who they are - just watch as he disses his girlfriend.