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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ver 1.0.9 Firmware for 60D released • Installing Technicolor Cinestyle

This firmware release  is a bit old dated 3/24/11 but no one seems to of noticed much.

 if you are trying to get the new techincolor cinestyle installed, you need this and the latest version of the EOS utility FOUND HERE.

To actually install this and get it to work :

Install Firmware 1.0.9 onto the camera

Install V2.10 of the EOS utility

Set camera to M or B mode, go to what canon calls the menu item, but its actually a part of their funky UI in the small window.

Hit the Camera Icon in the small control window, then under the Shooting Menu part of the window, select a user defined setting.

You'll now notice that Register User Setting is now available. Hit it

A dialog opens, and hit the Open File button. Select the style and load it, Hit Ok

This will only work in STILLS mode on the camera. If the Load File Icon is grayed out / doesn't work your in video mode.

Now change the camera on its dial to video mode.

Go to the Shooting Menu area of the small UI window

Select Register User Setting however this time when you go to load the style, the Load File button is grayed out. 

I bet you just had a WTF moment, this is supposed to work, right ? Check this out :

Open the pop up menu, Cinestyle is at the bottom !

Talk about convoluted screwed up UI ! ok, at least it works but hopefully you won't have to waste an hour messing around to figure all of this out.

Now on for some camera tests.