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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Cheap Fix For Your LCD Loupe Eyecup

Most of the LCD loupe's out there have eyecups that are too small. An eyepeice cushion is the solution. Most interesting is which is actually another company we all know, Letus. For $5.40 ( plus shipping ) you can have a very nice eyepiece cover that will make things much better. I picked up a couple of microfiber ones in gray. While I'm sure some folks may find a red eyepiece cover on their RED camera is not being a fashion slave, I opted for the neutral gray color.  its a 100% improvement over the skimpy ( but better than most ) rubber eye cup. The cushion has a slot in the middle that you slide the rubber cup into with a bit of fiddling. 


yepiece chamios for letus hawk


yepiece chamios for letus hawk EVF