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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final Cut Pro X Screen Shots Leaked - Color Correction

So far for me, FCP went out to the curb about a year ago because of its various failings and limitations. One of them was color correction. Now it looks like maybe apple gets it. Dig these - secodaries that look a lot like what you had to buy colorista II to get. Don't get me wrong, Colorista II and Looks from Red Giant rules for in NLE CC work. However, both are slow - as in while their OGL rendering can get you chunky playback at 1/2 res and maybe 1/2 frame rate, I'm guessing FCP X's CC will be full res and full frame rate. Apple has had to get their butts kickec with Prem Pro's CUDA hardware acceleration, so I'm sure they have been working on it the same way. FCP has had hardware acceleration using the GPU for several generations, but maybe apple will take it to a new level.

FCP X secondary color correction


To see more, the shots can be found on Flickr

What does this  mean ? Apple is feeding the PR mania machine and that we'll see a release in the next week or so, on or before June 21.