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Monday, June 13, 2011

OS X Lion to Drop PowerPC ( 604/G3/G4/G5) Support

Coming out of news of Beta builds of OS X Lion aka 10.7, Roestta the PPC emulator is going away.  Its been five years since PPC processor support had gone away in terms of the OS running natively on it. This probably doesn't effect most users, but if you have been nursing Combustion V2 or V3 along, well no more. Combustion V4 is intel compatible, but EOL'd this year to no one's suprise. So if you have any PPC apps you still have in use, time to upgrade, or create a dual boot machine with 10.6 on one side and 10.7 on the other. Unless you really really really need to use that old app so badly, time to let it go. This is of course history repeating itself when apple went from 68000 series processors to PPC and used emulation to make that bridge too.