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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FCP X Released

FCP X is also finally out. I win my bet. Maybe the big deal it seems is that Color's tools have been rolled into FCP. That one feature is probably worth using FCP X for. There is no mention of Color as a standalone app anymore. Thats too bad since its still a great fast app,. but grading within the NLE is better. Throw in background processing too on rendering.

FCP X is STILL limited to 4K resolution. That doesn't fly anymore for a lot of folks. How well their color management works is yet to be seen once you need to round trip with apps like AE. I'm sure we'll here all about it over the next few days.

Motion and Compressor are $49.95 add ons, but who cares about motion anyway.

Am I buying ? not sure yet. One part is if I get more then one install the way Lion works. $299 for one machine is ok, but I have 3 macs right now, so $1k is another entire story for a try it and see app right now. More as we get there.

---- The Bad ----

FCP X can not read FCP 7 project files. a real WTF moment to be sure. perhaps using FCP7 -> Automatic duck export to AAF and then using AD in FCP X to read it back in AAF-> FCP you can do it. Its a $500 fix. 


Tape support is limited to FW based devices. There is no 422 / Timecode support for capture or output, only a dumb output mode hit record on the VTR, hit play in FCP. 

Batch recapture from tape is not supported.