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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FCP X Non Review : The Day After and the Sky Isn't Falling

There is a LOT of over reaction right now about project / XML import. apple has been clear its coming, and given the uproar, probably REAL soon.  this is OS X 10.0, which was more an experimental / beta release then anything else. then 10.1 got better, faster, and finally 10.2 was usable for everyday work. I remember those transition days.  How many of you remember starting up 10.0 and poking around, looking for apps that worked, ect ? There was a lot of the same fallout back then, but look where things have gone.

Apple hasn't left everyone high and dry. FCP7 will continue to work while you can start learning X.  There is a lot of great stuff in X if you look, like color's CC tools, AV foundation that makes the app faster, a better TL model, ect. 
Acting like this is the end of the world, your NLE just stopped working is silly. It all still works fine, in fact X and 7 will happily coexists  on the same system w/o any hassles like dual boot ( except BETA AJA drivers  right now ).
X is about new world workflow - tapeless to web or file delivery. That is in fact most of my work now, tape is very much the exception for input or output. 
So relax, by the time X.1 is out, XML input will at least be there, as will a FCP7 -> FCP X XML translator, all your plugins will be updated, ect. Apple has been clear to some people they are going to address the major short comings, so lets give them a little room to do so.