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Monday, June 27, 2011

What did you do this weekend ? Does the gear realy matter /

Did  you shoot something cool ?  did you just take time off ? or where you stuck working on something uninteresting ?

For me I took time off, but still made a few great images. I snapped this on my iPhone, yet again proof that you don't need the super best camera / lens / whatever to get something good. I saw the shot coming, grabbed the iphone and had it up just in time as the current carried my thru the shot. Being as they say, "situationally aware" totally counts. I wasn't looking for a great image, but saw it coming and got it.

 Perhaps this summer it should be a time to do one of those inspirational projects you've always wanted to do but just haven't. Lets face it, gear is not a problem. Even an older HV30 or other small camera that shoots to card or hard drive can be stuck in your pocket. A FlipCam or GoPro works great for the right shot. There are lots of ways of easily getting good images these days that don't cost very much.

 I've made some great images on an iPhone simply because its always with me. How about just carrying around your small camera everyday? Maybe think of the theme for the week, and just look for little shots to put it together. Maybe you can  just let inspiration come from what surrounds you. Just getting one shot and filling in around it will work. That of course means putting yourself out of your comfort zone a little, and pulling that camera out to get a shot. Once you do it a couple of times, its easy. I didn't get a 180 degree rainbow shot by sitting around in the office. I knew it was raining, the sun was out in the right position, and 2 minutes later, I had one of those once or twice in a lifetime shots. So don't let something good slip by this summer, go out and do something !