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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Why It Doesn't Matter Apple Killed Color : Enter DaVinci

While FCP X is taking a beating out there, perhaps less concern has been over the loss of Color. Color is a good grading and correction app and does whatever you need reasonably well. While it certainly has a very Linuxey interface, when you actually get to using it, its fast and powerful. In fact I've found using a track pad is great with Color because you can 2 finger swipe any numeric entry up or down in value. Its a very slick addition to the app in how it supports track pad gestures.

While FCP X has some what grafted on Color's best tools, its really not the entire ful blown app. The "answer" is the FREE version of DaVinci coming in July if  BlackMagic makes their release date. 

The free version, while a bit stripped down from the full versions, will probably serve the needs of a lot of casual FCP + Color users. For those who try the free version and want a bit more, the full base model is $995 which is reasonable. The entry level model also supports most of the consoles out there with track balls / rings, like the one you may of bought for the now dead Color. Considering that DaVinci has years more development behind it, is a known product, and seems to have a committed owner on board, I don't think you need to worry about it being EOL'd any time soon.