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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to mount an HD 720P camera on a firework

Last week I got to show everyone this video where some one took video from a firework, this week the camera that made it possible. The HD 808 #11 camera. Video folks have probably never heard of it, but in RC airplane and model rocket circles, its pretty popular. There they consider the GoPro an expensive big "pro" camera compared to this little thing. You can find them on eBay for around $40.


For everything you'd ever want to know about this camera, check out Chuck Lohr's site where you can find out about all the different versions of this camera, see more sample video, and a great 15 minute tutorial on how to use it. There are quite a few models of t his camera out there, you want the model #11.

Am I adding one to my gear ? Maybe. I"ve got a couple of GoPro's already that do what I need and look great, however a $40 HD camera is tempting as you can put it anywhere and not worry about what happens to it, at least as long as you get the shots off of it. Its also easy to mount - tape will do the job where as the GoPro does require decent mounting. I guess if a job calls for it, I"ll use it.