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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Last Straw : Goodbye Asus P246 - Update #3

Ok, last straw today with the Asus P246Q monitor. I had messed wtih its internal adjustments and gotten most of the red out, it was looking ok. A week ago I got a QFX4000 card for the mac. it has a displayport and DVI. I'm running the asus on the displayport connector. when the mac goes to sleep, the monitor actually crashes its OS. I mean the mac doesn't see it connected, you can't even power it up. you can power it up if you leave it plug pulled disconnected from power for a minute or two, then it will go. I can't deal with this. it coulda / shoulda/ oughta of been a great monitor, but its a POS - good hardware with really BAD software and bad factory calibration. 

UPDATE 1 :   I this monitor from I'm well past their 30day return policy. if I want to loose 20% I can return it. I put in an RMA request with ASUS we'll see what happens. When I got this thing I pealed off the warranty deal by accident. its some stupid bit of paper label on the bottom of the screen that feels like part of the packing. I scraped it off... then saw what it was. Who knew ? Ths is just beyond all stupidity right now : bad product, screw the customer. 

if ANYONE has a contact at ASUS who can do something, I'd appreciate your sharing it with me. Maybe the need some public shame to fix this.



Update 2 : Well I may of gotten color fixed on this thing. it looks like the real problem is that the setup or as they call it offset for red is just too high. When looking at some dark grays I saw red, and then got the idea to pull down the offset. Much better ! that along wtih some other adjustments has this looking better.

Another note : if you try to power up the display with a displaport cable attached to a mac QFX 4000 ( my exact setup ) the monitor crashes and become non-responsive. its like its just completely failed. lets see what Asus has to say.


Update 3: If I remove the displayport cable, the monitor will start up. @#!@#@!#!!!  ASUS claims 48hrs to get a RMA, came and gone already. I've done more tweaking with the monitor, and updated to Lion 10.7 today, we'll see if there is any progress. Now I have some video reviews to edit !