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Monday, August 08, 2011

This Week : New Panasonic Cameras Announced

I updated the Matrox MAX encoder review video with some screen shots of the encodes. I also have a couple more video reviews shot and I'm working them. 


Panasonic announced yet another new camera. Call this Son of HVX-200 finally done right.

MSRP is $5995. Not bad.

1/3" Chips, ok for palmcorder format after all this is a video camera.

SDI out, HDMI out, very nice !

records AVChd 10bit 4:2:2, great !

20bit video DSP. amazing to have in a camera of this size and price. should make for super clean images

1080p30, 1080i60, 720p60 are the max FPS rates AND 50/25hz frames rates are in there too so its a universal camera. Thank you!

Timecode I/O ! well its about freaking time ! probably the number one most requested feature on these small cameras. 

P2  cards ??? Alternate Model AG-160 does use SD cards. It looks like Panasonic aimed this model towards users of varicams and 300 series cameras using P2. This is the B or C cam for quick B roll shooting or just getting an extra shot while the big camera is the main shot.  The AG160 model uses SD cards and appears to be otherwise identical including mention of timecode support. The AG-160 has a MSRP of $4795 which is a bit nicer and more inline. Even if you have a P2 camera, do you want to buy another couple P2 cards ? probably not. 

I think the AG160 will be the hit camera while this camera will probably do pretty well out there as a B cam to the larger 300 series cameras of you have lots of extra P2 cards.