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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy First Birthday !

I forgot, time has flown by, this site just passed its one year birthday a couple weeks ago!  Its offical launch date was Aug 9 2010.

Its been a crazy amazing trip so far, and its just getting started.

Over 200 posts, thats an average of  just less then 4 per week !

One Human for all of it.

Over a dozen product reviews and tests.

40K of visitors in the last year and growing !

Yes I do sometimes drift off into personal posts about, oh, construction on our new facility, but I've still kept it relevant I hope. While I did start this out very much dslr-centric, my own wanderings in NLE's, compositing, VFX, color grading, directing, and everything else has made for a real mix of topics here. I know some times I wander, but so far no one has complained ! I think many of us wear several hats, or even no hats so to that end, I think I'm covering the bases pretty well. Please feel free to let me know ! Post a comment. 

Thank you everyone for such a great first year. There are some really cool things in the works right now I'm not ready to talk about, but you'll want to check out over the next couple of months as it happens. Stay Tuned !