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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

QT Change, an app you need if you shoot on DSLR

QTchange is one of those small must have apps. It lets you change all sorts of bits in a QT mov file likes its TC, reel name and even FPS rate. For example, shoot at 60fps and change the QT file to play at 24. 

My biggest use is setting TC for all the dslr clips I shoot. With this QT app you can set them to Time Of Day along with setting a reel name of your choice. Of course you can batch process an entire folder of clips, but new in 1.8.4 is the ability to process single selected files for special cases. Of course that new feature may of been my special request :).  For $25 this app is a no brainer for its utility and time savings. Even though dslr's won't take external TC, at least being able to set it from either file creation or the companion .THM file can make syncing audio much easier. It can also create TC burns as well. It does those sorts of fixes nothing else does for a price that pays for itself in one use.