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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FCP X Update Today

FCP X has its first 0.1 update today. XML I/O, but its own flavor is seems. New ability to export to normal audio tracks from the TL by designating clips to be a "type" like dialog 1 or AFX1.

Noteworth : New Trial verson that runs for 30 days from the day you first run the app. Apple hasn't had demo versions of their pro apps, so this is real damage control to try to get some users back. Well its good they are learning, but as for FCP X ? well the market is speaking pretty loud and clear right now. This is really a 1.0 product and it'll probably take several revs before its again a Pro Product.


Meanwhile I'm still very busy moving and building stuff, and a couple days of shooting in the mix as well. Thats the reason I've been slow this week in posting stuff.