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Monday, September 26, 2011

LitePanels Suing to Stop Import of ALL LED based lights

I never cared for LitePanels products - flimsy and very very overpriced. Well it seems that since they can't compete against lower priced competitors they are going to try to sue them and stop them from selling product in the US. Here is the article

Some how some absolute bonedhead in the paten office has simply ignored previous products already in the market in granting this very generic paten to use "LEDs or other sources" in a  "panel or frame". Its pretty rare for me to publicly criticize  a company  like this,  however they have earned it. LitePanels is owned by the Vitec group who owns :

- Anton/Bauer
- Autoscript
- The Camera Store
- Litepanels
- Microwave Service Company
- Nucomm
- OConnor
- Petrol Bags
- RF Central
- Sachtler
- Vinten
- Vinten Radamec
- Avenger
- Brilliant Stages
- Colorama
- Gitzo
- Kata
- Lastolite
- Litec
- Manfrotto
- Manfrotto Distribution
- National Geographic (manufactured & distributed under licence)
- Tomcat
- Bexel
If you spend money with any of these companies, you are funding this lawsuit. Don't. Not until LitePanels drops its actions and has its bogus patents invalidated. Honestly having one company owning every major tripod company has bothered me and now the fruits of this are coming out. 
Please write to the patent office here  and let them know that LitePanels patent is nothing new - its in fact  based on a lot of prior products that had already been in the market, starting with the kids game in 1967 called Lite Bright... hey I had one !