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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When you thought you'd seen everything -

I'm sure you've heard this one " Well it seemed like a good idea ." To witness, I add these two pix I took while on a shoot this week. I won't say where but setup in a small chroma key "studio" were these two tota lights. Thats right, some one modded the lites to work vertically !

Ok, for those of you who don't know, the long tube like bulbs used in tota's, broads, cyc lights, ect are supposed to be operated horizontally. OEM recommendation is within 3 degrees of horitontal. Why ? because heat builds up on the high end of the bulb leading to bulb failure. I don't mean it burns out, it EXPLODES ! Molten glass goes flying ! While I have not personally seen this, I do know several people who have, and when a bulb exploded the molten glass set stuff on fire. Its deadly serious.... and some one went out of their way to create the most dangerous possible way of operating these things.

Since they were being used to light the chroma key bg in the place, I'm sure the vertical operating position worked better, right before everything burned down.

Please, safety first and foremost always. Getting hurt, burned, crippled or killed isn't worth it. Oh, I almost forgot to say, we were there shooting video around the topic of safety....


tots light being operated vertically - wrong


vertical tots light being used wrong