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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm getting there !

Things are finally starting to get finished with the move... and I had a video review open yesterday and did a little editing on it. Hopefully today I'll finish it up and have it out. I should also get back to much more regular postings as well.

There hasn't been a lot of news out there the last few weeks except for the Canon Big Mystery Announcement in Hollywood in a few weeks. I know people have been speculating like mad, but here is what my money is on :

Cam 1: under $3k 5D update, about the same as before, 1080 HD, mini HDMI, with better scaling, better h264 encoding

Cam 2:  $5-6k or so, EF mount, S35 sized sensor, 1080 and maybe 2K 8 bit 422 SDI / HDMI output, CF recording internally to H.264 codec. DIGIC 5 processor(s).

Cam 4:  $15-18k, PL mount changeable to EF, 2K or more likely 4k sensor, 10bit 4:4:4  SDI output, SSD internal recording to RAW codec.
Both upper cameras will be "video" cameras - XLR inputs with manual level adjustment, EVF, etc.