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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5D vs iPhone 4S Camera Shoot Out

Ok, maybe not quite like the Zacuto camera shoot out, but still very revealing. No the 4S iPhone doesn't quite outgun the 5D, but.... well.... I did say "not quite". To be sure the 4S has more compression, and lower quality glass, ect but stll you could certainly use it for a quick B roll shoot, POV shot, ect, slip it in and at least on lower sized web mov's no one would probably every notice. really ! Ya the pixel peepers will gladly point out the differences, but clients, most of them won't know the difference unless you point it out. Would you really do that ?

The shooter here used settings on the 5D to try to mimic the 4S as much as possible including using AWB. The 5D is a bit cooler / less saturated, but nothing you couldn't correct in 10 secs of mouse twitching. The 4S also seems to have a bit more highlight compression and shadow compression. It seems biased towards protecting highlights, which is fine as a consumer camera. The 5D in stock settings seems set to preserve more shadow detail assuming the shooter will do what they need to do to hold highlights. Still, you could mix these cameras together and have a minor effort to match them if shot this way AND you are outputting smaller web mov's where the differences, well, may just not be there once color corrected.