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Friday, November 25, 2011

There Must Be 50 Ways To Mount Your GoPro

Ok, Paul Simon aside, mounting a GoPro can often take some ingenuity as I did on this recent shoot. When you can't suction cup or adhesive mount it, you have to come up with some better like this.

gopro alternate mount


The maffer clamp is connected to the 5/8 pin swiped from a scissor clip thats holding a Norms grip head thats connected to the baby plate which has a GoPro mount actually screwed into it.
The adhesive on the GoPro mount wouldn't stick to the chrome on the baby plate, so I drilled and counter sunk a small hole to use a machine screw to hold it on. It was sure nice this location we were shooting in had a small machine shop to make this to easy ! 
Once I had this all together I left the GoPro shooting stills in time-lapse mode for… well, I can't tell you except it might maybe wind up in TV soon !